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Contact lenses are great for individuals who don’t want to wear glasses all day or work jobs that make glasses restrictive or difficult to wear. At Salisbury & Berlin Optical, we have a great team of Doctors who can evaluate your vision, assess your needs, and determine which contacts are the best fit for you.

Learn more about the prescription lenses and contact fittings we offer at our optical clinics in Berlin and Salisbury, MD. We’re ready to meet your eye care needs and help you achieve perfect vision!

What to Expect

Clients who want to get fitted for contacts must have had an eye exam within the last 6 months or get an updated one. Our doctors will then assess your eyes to determine which type of lenses match your prescription and day-to-day needs. This may mean undergoing a few trials to check if the contacts fit your eyes.

If you’ve worn contacts before, we recommend bringing in your old records or boxes when you are a new contact fit with us. Meanwhile, new contact wearers should expect an extra hour for their appointment as they will be taught to wear and remove the lenses.

Brands We Carry

We’re a MARLO Partner!

We’ve partnered with MARLO to make it easier for our clients to reorder contacts. When you sign up, you can order Alcon lenses online and enjoy better pricing and free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different types of contacts have different life spans once worn. Daily contacts have to be disposed of at the end of the day, biweekly contacts have to be disposed of after 2 weeks, and so on.

Most insurance plans have allowances for contact lenses. However, billing contacts to your insurance will forfeit its use for glasses. If you’re interested in getting both glasses and contacts, it’s best to discuss this with your optician. They’ll be able to tell you if it’s better to use your insurance for glasses or contacts.

Fittings are not part of the eye exam and are considered a separate charge. Some insurance plans cover this charge when applying it to contact lenses, and others do require you to pay.

Our contact prescriptions are good for up to 2 years. Our Doctor will determine the best length of time that your contact script will be valid to.

Our doctor will recommend the best type of contacts for you, but not all brands have colored contacts. Don’t hesitate to ask if your prescription lenses come in colored options.

We recommend that a child be at least 11 years old to get contacts. However, this depends on how responsible your child is and whether they can handle putting in and removing the contacts.

We can fit you with contacts as long as your prescription is less than 6 months old. Beyond that, you would need a new eye exam. Note that this is an out-of-pocket expense, as insurance plans only cover yearly exams.

We accommodate order requests for those looking for a fresh pair of contacts. Simply call us!