Achieve Eye Health With Help From the Best

Experiencing blurry vision, dry eyes, and other similar issues? Turn to Salisbury & Berlin Optical for an eye exam. Our experienced optometrists are ready to administer the necessary tests and provide you with the best solutions to any potential diagnosis. Contact our optical clinic in Berlin or Salisbury, MD, for an appointment.

The Importance of Eye Exams

Annual eye examinations are one of the best ways to preserve vision. They accurately assess eye health, diagnose disorders and diseases, and determine the need for corrective lenses.

Our eye exams include different assessments like your standard visual acuity test, a glaucoma test that measures inner eye pressure, and a refraction test that determines the prescription for your lenses. They can also detect various health problems, such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Some patients will need dilation so the doctor can better examine the back of their eye. As an option, we have a machine that allows us to photograph the back of your eye without the need for dilation. Note that this is charged separately and cannot be billed to insurance.

We allow patients to request a doctor with whom they developed a rapport or are more comfortable.

Our doctors value your time but strive to do a thorough eye exam so times may vary depending on your needs. It is best to allow an hour.